Next week, dB Control is headed to Boston for the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) from June 4-6. If you are too, be sure to stop by Booth 1416 to see four traveling wave tube amplifiers with the highest power we’ve ever offered. These rack-mount, pulsed TWTAs feature high duty cycles of operation and cover the 4 to 18 GHz frequency range at various power levels from 2,000 to 4,000 Watts.This means you get high-performance and precision in a wide range of radar, electronic countermeasures and electronic warfare applications. To enhance reliability even further, all four amplifiers incorporate military-grade TWTs and high-voltage power supplies. They’re perfect for both defense and commercial applications. Specs include:

  • dB-3778B: 4-8 GHz. C-band frequency range, 3700 Watts peak power at 6% maximum duty cycle. Ethernet interface.

  • dB-3779G: 8-12 GHz. X-band frequency range, 4000 Watts peak power at 8% maximum duty cycle. Ethernet interface.

  • dB-3799B: 8-18 GHz. I/J-band frequency range, 2000 Watts peak power at 5% maximum duty cycle. Ethernet interface.

  • dB-3813B: 12-18 GHz. Ku-band frequency range providing 3300 Watts peak power at 6% maximum duty cycle.

Each TWTA is available in a standard 19-inch rack-mount configuration with integral forced-air cooling and very low phase noise. Custom interface protocols are available, such as Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and others. More information about these TWTAs and other dB Control products will be available at IMS in Booth 1416. We hope to see you there!