Job Description

Winding Technician | Nonexempt

Department: Production

Reports to: Production Supervisor

The Magnetics Technician at dB Control performs difficult winding procedures such as high voltage transformers, inductors and other magnetics. Careful attention to detail and specifications is required. Must be able to follow written and verbal instructions under supervision.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Wind inductors and transformers per drawing
  2. Perform maintenance of specific equipment.
  3. Must follow safety guidelines
  4. Check own work for workmanship standards as well as pass in process inspection and testing guidelines.

Machines & Equipment Used:  Three different models of Winding Machines, Volt Meters, Wire Strippers, Auto Wire, Tube Cutters, Solder Pot, Power Drill, Bead Blaster, PC, and various hand tools.


Must have high school diploma or equivalent.  Two (2) years’ experience in this field or related assembly.  Must be able to read built to print drawings.


Job Location: Fremont CA

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