$5.5M in Defense Contracts

dB Control Awarded $5.5 Million in Defense Contracts for High-Power TWT Amplifiers

Fremont, Calif. – dB Control, an established designer and manufacturer known in the industry for its reliable high-power microwave amplifiers, power supplies and radar transmitters, has signed four contracts worth a combined total of $5.5 million for the design and manufacture of high-power traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers.

The largest contract, worth $4.5 million from a major U.S. defense contractor, is for high-power (up to 8 kW) low-phase noise (better than -123 dBc/Hz in the X-band) TWT amplifiers for shipboard radar applications. An additional two contracts worth a combined $600,000 are from a major U.S. defense contractor to provide high-power TWT amplifiers (4 kW and 8 kW) for multimode radar applications. The fourth contract worth $400,000 is from a major international defense contractor for high-power TWT amplifiers (up to 18 GHz) for airborne electronic warfare (EW) and simulation applications. All four contracts prohibit dB Control from naming the customer, product specifications or military installation.

“dB Control’s TWT amplifiers are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They are so reliable that even our first TWT amplifier, built nearly 15 years ago, is still in service,” said Meppalli Shandas, vice president of marketing. “According to our customers, the reliability of dB Control’s products and its reputation for quality were key considerations when they awarded these contracts.”



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