Microwave Synthesizers

Microwave Synthesizers

dB-9006 Magnum Opus Microwave Synthesizer

The dB Control dB-9006 Magnum Opus instrument-grade synthesized signal source tunes from 100 MHz to 27 GHz with best-in-class phase noise performance. This microwave synthesizer supports three interfaces, including 4-wire SPI and two SCPI interfaces using either RS-232 or USB. Tuning speed is under 50 uS using the SPI port. A secondary output tunes from 1-2,000 MHz. Both outputs provide the standard 1 Hz resolution and also support a 1 mHz high-resolution mode.


  • Wide frequency range (100 MHz to 27GHz, with 1 Hz resolution mode)
  • Best-in-Class instrumentation-grade phase noise performance
  • -80 dBc non-harmonic spur performance
  • Fundamental VCOs, no sub-harmonics
  • Fast tuning (<50 uS)
  • Auxillary 1-2,000 MHz DDS output
  • Three control interfaces (USB, RS-232, 4-wire SPI)


  • Communications Intelligence (COMMINT)
  • Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)
  • Low Jitter ADC & DAC Clocks
  • Radars
  • Satellite Links
  • Test and Measurementation