Alternative To Synthesizers: Integrated Stabilized RF Sources

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Radar simulation systems must accurately prove whether an electronic warfare (EW) system is ready to perform reliably in the field. This can be challenging for EW system engineers, and some choose to use a synthesizer. But there’s a catch.

While synthesizers can achieve fast signaling times, they can’t be easily modulated in FM. This results in lower bandwidth. Synthesizers can also suffer spurious signals (spurs).

The better alternative is an Integrated Stabilized RF Source. An ISRFS unit is specifically designed for radars, radar simulation, electronic countermeasures (ECM), EW threat simulation, test and measurement. And bonus: they cost 4 to 5 times less than synthesizers. dB Control offers two ISRFS solutions – both of which feature four types of modulation (AM, four modes of FM, Phase, Pulse), high accuracy and wide temperature operating ranges. Click each product name below to download the datasheets:

  • dB-9003 – 8 to 12 GHz, I-band frequency range
  • dB-9005 – 30 to 36 GHz, Ka-band frequency range

Both units are custom-mounted and provide highly accurate RF source at high-frequency switching speeds. They can be controlled and set up with a digital port, and are packaged in a custom configuration with conduction cooling.

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