dB Control Exhibits New Line of Custom RF & Microwave Components and Assemblies at IMS, Booth 5102

Top Row: SPST Millimeter Wave, Single Pole Five Throw, 4x9 Switch Matrix Middle Row: SP20T Packaged for Antenna Array Bottom Row: Transfer Switch, Limiter/Switch Assembly, Switch/Hybrid Assembly

Custom-Built Products for Ground Mobile-, Maritime-, Airborne-Qualified and Highly Complex Defense and Commercial Applications on Display

Fremont, Calif. – June 13, 2022 –dB Control, an international defense electronics manufacturer, will exhibit its new line of custom RF/microwave components and assemblies at the International Microwave Symposium, June 19-23 in Denver, Colorado in Booth 5102. IMS is the world’s premier RF and microwave industry conference and trade show, featuring top-notch technical sessions and hundreds of exhibitors. For a free exhibit pass, click here and enter Promo Code 10065.

dB Control will feature two new products In Booth 5102from its line of RF/Microwave components and assemblies:

  • Detector Logarithmic Video Amplifiers (DLVA) and Successive DLVAs (SDLVA) are compact, environmentally sealed packages featuring limited RF output, excellent absolute accuracy and log linearity. Available in both broadband and narrow band configurations, these DLVAs and SDLVAs are ideal for electronic warfare (EW), signal intelligence (SIGINT), instantaneous frequency measurement (IFM) receivers and other applications that require a fast response and relatively flat frequency response.
  • RF PIN Diode switches and assemblies are high-power, environmentally sealed broadband and narrow band products designed to ensure accurate test and measurement of multiple RF components used in radar systems, EW systems, ground-based communications systems and other applications. All units feature integral TTL and field-replaceable connectors that allow easy removal so units can be dropped into designs to interface directly with pins, saving considerable space. Customized integrated switch assemblies include matrices, filter banks, switched amplifiers and hybrid switched power dividers.

“Organizations that need RF/microwave components and microwave subsystems often have difficulty identifying standard catalog solutions that will perform optimally, or even fit adequately, within their specific systems. dB Control works with each customer to balance their design requirements with cost and performance trade-offs, producing custom layouts that adhere to their specifications. We achieve this by using a fielded, Mil-Qualified modular design approach that enables increased flexibility to achieve challenging requirements, combining proven designs with intuitive customization that optimizes SWaP,” said dB Control Director of Sales, Custom Products and Components Jeff Bly.

Additional Information

  • Datasheets for dB Control’s RF PIN Diode Switches & Assemblies and DLVAs/SDVLAs can be downloaded from https://www.dbcontrol.com/datasheet-library/.
  • For information on PIN attenuators, PIN limiters, video products, switching assemblies and integrated subsystems, visit https://www.dbcontrol.com/products/#microwave to download the brochure.
  • dB Control’s custom RF/Microwave components and assemblies complement the company’s ground mobile-, maritime- and airborne-qualified TWT Amplifiers, MPMs, high-voltage power supplies and RF Receivers and sources custom built for complex defense and commercial applications. Visit https://www.dbcontrol.com/products/ for more information.

About dB Control

Established in 1990, dB Control supplies mission-critical (often sole-source) products worldwide to military organizations, major defense contractors, and commercial manufacturers. The company designs and manufactures reliable high- and low-voltage power supplies, high-power TWT Amplifiers (TWTAs), microwave power modules (MPMs), transmitters, and high-voltage power supplies (HVPS) for radar, electronic countermeasures (ECM) and communication applications on airborne, maritime, and ground-based military platforms. Since acquiring Paciwave in 2021 and TTT-Cubed in 2019, dB Control now offers specialized RF/microwave components, integrated microwave subsystems and custom radio frequency (RF) receivers and sources, including Instantaneous Frequency Measurement Units (IFMs), Frequency Locked Oscillators (FLOs), Digital Control Units (DCUs), Antenna Control Units (ACUs) and Integrated DCUs. In addition, dB Control provides specialized contract manufacturing and repair depot services from its modern 40,000-square-foot facilities in Fremont, California. The company is AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified. More information is available at www.dBControl.com.


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  • Media Contact: Mar Junge, C3PR


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