Electronics 360: dB Control Introduces New mmWave HPA (30 to 38 GHz, 125 Watts CW)

The dB-3201H MPM is designed specifically for electronic countermeasures and electronic warfare applications so military personnel can experience faster exchanges of data and enhanced situational awareness during tactical communication. The dB-3201H achieves this by enabling additional channels of communication to combat congestion across the traditional C-, X- and Ku- and lower Ka-band frequencies.

The mmWave HPAs from dB Control are part of the company’s transition to higher frequency spectrums to defend against complex radio frequency threats. The mmWave segment of the electromagnetic spectrum enables dB Control products to be part of systems and platforms that rely heavily on connectivity, bandwidth and speed. Additionally, dB Control’s manufacturing process — including potting, encapsulation and full environmental testing — ensures its products are field-ready and highly reliable in harsh military environments.

Source: https://electronics360.globalspec.com/article/15136/new-30-to-38-ghz-125-w-mmwave-mpm-for-faster-tactical-communication-enhanced-situational-awareness


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