High-Power MPMs for Superb ECM

dB Control Debuts Two High-Power, Ultra-Low Phase Noise Microwave Power Modules; Model dB-4118 MPM Features 2X Standard Pulse Repetition Frequency Rate for Superb ECM

Fremont, Calif. — dB Control, an established manufacturer of reliable, high-power microwave amplifiers, radar transmitters and power supplies, introduced two new microwave power modules (MPMs) at AOC’s 46th Annual International Symposium and Convention in Washington, D.C.  The dB-4118 and dB-3758 MPMs are designed for manned and unmanned airborne applications, including EW threat simulation, electronic counter measures (ECM) and multi-mode synthetic aperture radars (SAR). The modules are the latest additions to dB Control’s family of MPMs designed to meet stringent military specifications and perform in harsh environments.

The dB-4118 operates in the 6 GHz to 18 GHz frequency range and provides 100 Watts CW RF output power. The power conditioner uses low-noise power supply topology incorporating high-efficiency, solid state power conversion circuits. This compact, conduction-cooled MPM is designed to operate in high-altitude airborne environment and uses a high-speed modulator to obtain a pulse modulation of up to 250 KHz – a pulse repetition frequency (PRF) rate unmatched in the industry.

“When you’re on a mission, many lives depend on your quick response to a threat. Most MPMs have a very limited pulse capability of 100 kHz, but the dB-4118 can achieve the virtually unheard PRF of 250 kHz. By producing a high rate of pulse power, this MPM is much more effective at countering threats posed by radars,” said VP of Technology and Business Development Meppalli Shandas. 

The X-band dB-3758 operates in the 9 GHz to 10 GHz frequency range and has peak output power of 1000 Watts at a duty cycle of six percent. The Ku-Band version features 400 Watts output power at a 35 percent duty cycle. Two technologies – synchronization of the power supply switching frequency with a radar system clock, as well as blanking during the pulse – ensure that no signal is lost, making this MPM suitable for extremely low phase noise radar transmitter applications. Designed to withstand extremely harsh airborne environments in manned and unmanned platforms, the dB-3758 offers excellent amplitude and phase stability.

dB Control’s high efficiency, conduction-cooled MPMs are based on a modular design for easy customization and are available with continuous wave (CW) or pulsed power. Each MPM is a complete microwave amplifier that uses both traveling wave tubes and solid state technologies to provide the best of both worlds for military and commercial applications. In addition, the company’s potting and encapsulation processes provide extremely dense packaging without sacrificing reliability or performance.



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