New 11-18 GHz 450W TWT Amplifier

dB Control Introduces 11-18 GHz 450W TWT Amplifier Featuring Very Stable RF Performance dB-4522 Designed for ECM, EW Threat Simulation, High-Power Communications and Airborne Platforms

Fremont, Calif. – dB Control, an established manufacturer known for its reliable high-power microwave amplifiers, transmitters and power supplies, is introducing the dB-4522 traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifier for use in military manned and unmanned airborne applications, electronic countermeasures (ECM), EW threat simulation and high-power communications. The dB-4522 TWT amplifier operates in the 11-18 GHz frequency range and provides 450 Watts CW (at 11-17.5 GHz) and 400 Watts CW (at 17.5-18 GHz) peak output power. It features very stable RF performance and built-in forced air cooling.

The dB-4522 TWT amplifier meets MIL-E 5400T equipment standards and is designed for use in harsh environments with temperatures between -40° C to +71°C ambient and at altitudes of up to 50,000 feet. In addition, the high-efficiency design and modular construction of the dB-4522 facilitate options such as custom frequency bands, prime power inputs, RF gain control and custom interface protocols.

“Producing high RF power over wide frequency bandwidth is very important for military systems. Achieving high-reliability under extreme environments is a key factor for mission critical systems. The dB-4522 Amplifier is an ideal example of a product for such application” said dB Control Vice President of Technology and Business Development Meppalli Shandas. “Efficiency as measured by RF output power to prime power consumption ratio is extremely important for many such systems.  dB Control products are designed with these objectives and dB-4522 is no exception to this.”

Over the next decade, the U.S. Air Force and other military organizations will continue to pursue development of extremely high-altitude airships (HAA). As these applications require TWT Amplifiers that can operate reliably under extreme conditions, dB Control recently announced that it has expanded its engineering department and also announced that it was awarded a $13.2 million five-year contract with the U.S. Navy.



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