Microwave Journal: Fabs & Labs – dB Control Corp. Reliability by Design

Despite the advances in solid-state technology, many high-power applications remain out of reach and still require tube amplifiers. Only a handful of companies have the heritage and expertise to supply these high-voltage products. dB Control is one of the few, formed in 1990 to repair high-voltage power supplies used on the B-52 long-range bomber. Using this experience, the company expanded its products and services to design and manufacture high-power traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTA), microwave power modules (MPMs), full transmitters with modulators, and power supplies.

The TWTAs cover bands from 1 to 96 GHz and support pulsed or CW operation. The MPM family, with a modular design for dense packaging and easy customization, covers bands from 2 to 46 GHz. To complement power amplifiers, dB Control added to its portfolio with the acquisition of TTT-Cubed in 2019, offering custom instantaneous frequency measurement, frequency-locked oscillator, digital control, antenna control and other integrated subassemblies. Most of dB Control’s business serves . . .

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