Microwave Product Digest: dBC Adds RF / MW Components, Integrated MW Subsystems to Product Line

dB Control, an international defense electronics manufacturer and subsidiary of HEICO Corporation, has acquired 100% of Paciwave, Inc. for cash paid at closing. The acquisition will add specialized RF and microwave components – as well as integrated microwave subsystems – to dB Control’s existing product line for military organizations, major defense contractors and commercial OEMs. These new products will bedesigned and manufactured specifically for defense and complex electronics applications that require PIN diode switches, PIN attenuators, PIN limiters, switching assemblies and integrated subsystems . . .

Source: https://www.mpdigest.com/2021/10/07/db-control-acquires-paciwave-adds-specialized-rf-microwave-components-integrated-microwave-subsystems-to-product-line/


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