dB Control Introduces Pulse Ka-Band 400 Watt 32-36 GHz TWTA for Radars, Electronic Warfare (EW) Simulation

High-Power Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier Can be Custom Configured for Defense Contractors, Is Easy to Operate During Rugged Military Operations

Fremont, Calif. – May 28, 2015 – dB Control, an international defense electronics manufacturer, today introduced a Ka-band high-power pulse TWTA Amplifier (TWTA), the dB-3861. Designed for military applications such as radars and electronic warfare (EW) simulation, the dB-3861 operates in the 32 to 36 GHz frequency range and provides 400 Watts minimum peak output power at a 25 percent duty cycle. The datasheet and high-resolution photo are available at dbcontrol.com/db3861.

dB-3861“Operating in the Ka-band can be integral for survival of troops during critical military operations, which is why defense contractors and OEMs come to us for custom-configured products like the dB-3861. They need easy-to-operate, reliable products that provide very high stability of the transmitted waveform, provide spectral purity and ensure higher power over a wider bandwidth. We deliver because we know what’s at stake,” said dB Control VP of Business Development Steve Walley.

The dB-3861 uses a wideband periodic permanent magnet (PPM)-focused, conduction-cooled traveling wave tube for power amplification. The TWTA is packaged in a standard 19-inch rack-mount configuration with an integral, forced air cooling system. dB Control’s manufacturing process includes techniques developed specifically for demanding military operations – including proprietary transformer fabrication, encapsulation and high-voltage potting. Specific applications for the dB-3861 include radars, test, measurement, antenna pattern and radar cross-section measurements and EW simulation.






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