Who Will Buy UAV Technology in Ten Years?

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Because of the successful use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for worldwide defense applications, their international demand for UAVs has significantly increased and is expected to rise throughout the next decade.

The Teal Corporation, an Aerospace and Defense market research company, recently published a ten-year market forecast for UAV potential in both the national and international markets. Their report included the following assessments:

  • Within the next decade the international market will account for 35 percent total worldwide Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) spending on UAV technology
  • Worldwide UAV spending will nearly double over the next decade from current expenditures of $6.4 billion to $11.5 billion annually
  • Currently, the UAV market is estimated at 89 percent military and 11 percent commercial applications, but is predicted to shift to 86 percent military and 14 commercial by 2024

Asia-Pacific Leads Growth in the UAV Market

The Teal Corporation isn’t the only outlet reporting a strong international growth within the UAV market. Reports from the US Review Commission and Guardian Magazine have suggested that the international UAV market will significantly increase in the upcoming years with the majority of the growth coming from the Asia-Pacific Region.

China, India and Japan are forecasted to lead the Asia-Pacific market, with Japan expected to expand its virtually non-existent military drone program by roughly 600 percent in the coming decade. China, due to a lack of exporting restrictions imposed on the current top UAV-exporting countries such as the US and Israel, is also expected to grow significantly. In fact, China may become a major UAV supplier to developing countries over the next decade.

Demand for UAVs is also rapidly expanding in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and the UAE, reports the International Trade Administration. However, Israel continues to dominate the Middle Eastern market. With its global influence on UAV-development programs, industrial partnerships for co-production and marketing agreements, Israel is predicted to continue as a market leader along with the US.

dB Control is in a unique position to offer extremely efficient, high-quality, high-power amplifiers for UAV applications. The Asia-Pacific market in particular presents significant opportunities for possible investments and partnerships in the upcoming years.

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