45th Annual AOC Convention

dB Control Unveils New ECM Transmitters, Presents EW Design Challenges Posters, Applauds Shandas’ Induction into Hall of Fame at 45th Annual AOC Convention

Fremont, Calif . – dB Control will demonstrate its commitment to “Driving EW Concepts into Operational Realities” – the theme of the Association of Old Crows’ (AOC) 45th Annual International Symposium and Convention – by unveiling a suite of new ECM transmitters in Booth 215, and by presenting a poster session on “Meeting EW System Design Challenges for Increased Reliability with ECM Transmitters.” In addition, company officials will attend the convention’s opening keynote session to congratulate Meppalli Shandas, dB Control’s vice president of technology and business development, as he is inducted into the AOC Electronic Warfare Technology Hall of Fame for his efforts as a prime innovator of microwave power module technology.

dB Control is well positioned to drive EW concepts into operational realities. For nearly two decades the company has designed and manufactured Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) amplifier systems for ECM, EW threat simulation, radar and communications. According to poster session co-presenter dB Control Vice President of Engineering Jacob Thampan, the reliable operation of electronic warfare (EW) systems depends on advanced amplifiers that can generate high microwave power over a wide bandwidth.

“For transmitters used in electronic countermeasure (ECM) systems and threat simulators, high power over a wide bandwidth is absolutely critical due to the complexity and agility of threats, use of exotic waveforms, low probability of detection radars, high-speed digital technology and enhanced computing power,” said Thampan.

dB Control Engineering Manager Rafael Cisneros, a co-presenter in the poster session along with Thampan, said, “In addition to providing reliable high power over a wide bandwidth, design engineers must accommodate platform-specific requirements and take into account limited onboard resources. All of these factors combined make designing ECM transmitters extremely challenging.”

The Association of Old Crows is a highly regarded international professional association founded in 1964 to promote research and knowledge in the fields of EW, information operations and related disciplines. The Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention, scheduled for October 19-23, 2008 in Reno, Nevada, is expected to draw a record 5,000 attendees.



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