New Suite of ECM Transmitters

dB Control Introduces Suite of ECM Transmitters for Next-Generation Military Airborne Applications

High-Efficiency, EMI-Compliant, 6-18 GHz High-Band and 2-7 GHz Low-Band ECM Transmitters Provide up to 1500 Watts, CW or Pulsed

[BUSINESS WIRE] – Fremont, Calif . – dB Control, an established manufacturer known for its reliable high-power products, is introducing four new ECM transmitters for next-generation electronic countermeasure (ECM) systems in airborne ECS or RAM air cooled ECM transmitter incorporating Microwave Power Module MPMenvironments up to 60,000 feet. Designed as standard aircraft microwave power sources, these high-efficiency units have undergone extensive environmental testing to ensure optimal reliability, including full EMI compliance to MIL-STD-461E.

dB Control’s new RAM- or ECS air-cooled ECM transmitters incorporate Microwave Power Module (MPM) technology to provide wide-band pulsed or continuous wave (CW) power. The units’ modular architecture enables custom designs to be rapidly configured to meet exact customer specifications, and also facilitates easy maintenance in the field. All four ECM transmitters are available immediately in production quantities as line-replaceable units (LRUs). The suite includes:

  • High-Band Transmitter, 6-18 GHz, with 1500 W peak power at a five percent duty cycle
  • High-Band CW Transmitter, 6-18 GHz, 100 W CW or pulse
  • Dual High-Band Transmitter, 6.5-18 GHz, 200 W per channel CW or pulse
  • Single Low-Band Transmitter, 2-7 GHz, 200 W CW or pulse

dB Control understands stringent quality requirements, including zero tolerance for failure,” said Vice President of Technology & Business Development Meppalli Shandas. “Our ECM transmitters have demonstrated exceptional reliability in the field, and we are currently shipping quantities to a military customer.”



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