dB Control Introduces 6 to 18 GHz Smart Microwave Power Module (MPM) with Ethernet Interface; High-Power Products on Display in Booth 148 at AOC in Washington, D.C.

Model dB-4150 Smart MPM for Electronic Warfare Simulation Offers Intelligent Communication, Features Status Indicators for Equipment Faults, Forward / Reverse Power

dB-4150_Smart-MPM_HighResFremont, Calif. – dB Control, an international defense electronics manufacturer, is exhibiting five high-power products in Booth 148 at the 52nd Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention, December 1-3 in Washington, D.C. The new dB-4150 Smart MPM features a built-in Ethernet interface. Unlike traditional MPMs, the Smart MPM features indicators that communicate equipment status, equipment faults and forward/reverse power. At 6 to 18 GHz and 100 Watts of continuous wave output power, the Smart MPM is designed for electronic countermeasures (ECM) and electronic warfare (EW) simulation.

“New military threats are imminent and increasing in intensity. That’s why dB Control’s products undergo extensive testing so they can perform reliably in a myriad of hostile operating conditions – such as at high vibration and shock levels or in extreme humidity and temperatures. The Smart MPM has the added bonus of communicating status and equipment faults to the user. This type of intelligent communication is a critical feature for next-generation EW systems,” said dB Control VP of Business Development Steve Walley.

Additional high-power products on display in dB Control’s Booth 148 at AOC will be the:

  • dB-3840 Ka-band TWTA – 700 Watts Pulsed, 34.5 to 35.5 GHz, outdoor hub mount Ka-Band
    Applications: Radars, test/measurement, antenna pattern, radar cross-section measurements, EW simulation
  • dB-4127 MPM – 200 Watts Pulsed/Continuous Wave, 6 to 18 GHz
    Applications: ECM, EW simulation, radars, multi-band communication systems, EMI/EMC tests
    dB-3758 MPM – 1000 Watts Pulsed, 9 to 10 GHz
    Applications: Multi-mode and synthetic aperture radars, manned and unmanned platforms
    dB-2348 Towed Decoy – DC-to-DC converter, +1500VDC to +10VDC at 43AMPS

Datasheets for all five products are available at https://www.dbcontrol.com/aoc-2015-products/.



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