dB Control Exhibits Highly Anticipated 35 GHz, 700 Watt, Ka-Band Pulse TWT Amplifier for Electronic Warfare, Radar at Dixie Crow Symposium Booth 61, March 22-26 in Georgia

dB Controldixiecrow2015, an international defense electronics manufacturer, will exhibit four high-power products – two TWT Amplifiers (TWTAs) and two microwave power modules (MPMs) – in Booth #61 at the 40th Annual Dixie Crow Symposium, March 22-26 in Warner Robins, Georgia. Based on customer inquiries and orders, the dB-3840 Ka-band TWTA will be the company’s most anticipated product on display because it uses a less saturated portion of the frequency band and can transmit at a higher capacity. At the symposium, defense contractors and military personnel can learn more about the following dB Control products:

TWT Amplifiers

  • dB-3840 – 700 Watts Pulsed, 34.5 to 35.5 GHz, Outdoor Hub-mount Ka-Band. Applications: Radars, test/measurement, antenna pattern, radar cross-section measurements, electronic warfare (EW) simulation
  • dB-4410 – 300 Watts CW, 7.5 to 18 GHz. Applications: Electronic countermeasures (ECM) transmitters, EW simulation

Microwave Power Modules

  • dB-4127 – 200 Watts Pulsed/CW, 6 to 18 GHz, Conduction Cooled. Applications: ECM, EW simulation, ground mobile and airborne platforms
  • dB-3758 – 1000 Watts Pulsed, 9 to 10 GHz, conduction cooled. Applications: Multi-mode radars, SAR, manned and unmanned platforms

“On some platforms, operating in the Ka-band is integral for survival. That’s why we’ve seen increased customer interest in our custom-configured Ka-band products over the past decade. In response, we introduced the industry’s first high-power Ka-band TWTA for radar use in 2003 and have continued to increase the TWTA’s capabilities and performance,” said dB Control VP of Business Development Steve Walley.

The Dixie Crow Symposium is produced by the Dixie Crow Chapter of the Association of Old Crows (AOC). Held at Robins Air Force Base, this annual event will focus on the power of EW and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) for sustained air supremacy, and is expected to draw more than 800 attendees.


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