New Online Portal Simplifies Ordering Electromechanical Switches and PIN Diode Switches, High-Power Microwave Power Modules Designed for Radar, EW, ECM, Data Links and other Critical Military Operations Available Now

Fremont, Calif. – June 30, 2023 – More than 9,200 registrants and 2,700 delegates came to the IEEE MTT-S IMS 2023 conference in San Diego this month hoping to soak up a little sun and see the latest products and services from 550+ companies. While they may have been disappointed by the “June Gloom” California skies, spending time indoors exposed to “the Coolest Ideas under the Sun” was well worth it. dB Control, an international defense electronics manufacturer, introduced two new solutions:

dBC+CEI New Single-Source Portal for EM and PIN Diode Switches

Procuring both EM and PIN diode switches for RF and microwave applications from a single source saves time and money. The new dBC+CEI online RF switches portal features thousands of coaxial EM switch variation from Charter Engineering, Inc., along with solid state PIN Diode switches from dB Control.

EM switches range from DC to 40 GHz and include connector options for SPDT, DPDT, and multi-position (SP3T-SP12T), as well as internally and externally terminated models. PIN diode switches include reflective or absorptive designs with options for SPST through SP24T, low loss, high isolation, and fast switching speed and can be customized to meet the application’s key performance parameters. All switches are manufactured in the US.


Microwave Power Modules – The Best of Both Worlds

In many modern military applications, stringent requirements for size and weight must be met without sacrificing power or performance. dB Control’s high-efficiency, conduction-cooled Microwave Power Modules (MPMs) provide extremely dense packaging across the 2–45.5 GHz frequency band. The MPMs are based on a modular design for easy customization and are available with continuous wave or pulsed power. Each MPM is a complete microwave amplifier that uses traveling wave tubes and solid state technologies, along with high-voltage and low-voltage power supplies, to provide the best of both worlds for military and commercial applications.

MPMs exhibited by dB Control at IMS 2023:

For ECM and Electronic Warfare Simulation

For Satellite and Datalink Communications

For Multi-Mode Radars, SAR, Manned/Unmanned Platforms

For High-Performance Electronic Warfare

For ECM, EW Simulation, Multi-Band Communication Systems


About dB Control

Established in 1990, dB Control supplies mission-critical (often sole-source) products worldwide to military organizations, major defense contractors, and commercial manufacturers. The company designs and manufactures reliable high- and low-voltage power supplies, high-power TWT Amplifiers (TWTAs), microwave power modules (MPMs), transmitters, and high-voltage power supplies (HVPS) for radar, electronic countermeasures (ECM) and communication applications on airborne, maritime, and ground-based military platforms. Since acquiring Paciwave in 2021 and TTT-Cubed in 2019, dB Control now offers specialized RF/microwave components, integrated microwave subsystems and custom radio frequency (RF) receivers and sources, including Instantaneous Frequency Measurement Units (IFMs), Frequency Locked Oscillators (FLOs), Digital Control Units (DCUs), Antenna Control Units (ACUs) and Integrated DCUs. In addition, dB Control provides specialized contract manufacturing and repair depot services from its modern 40,000-square-foot facilities in Fremont, California. The company is AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified. More information is available at www.dBControl.com or by calling l 1-510-656-2325.

Media Contact: Mar Junge, C3PR 408-219-0101


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