At AOC in Booth 1531, Two New Products Join Lineup of C-Band to mmWave TWTAs and MPMs, DC to 40 GHz Coaxial EM RF/Microwave Switches, and MHz to 40 GHz PIN Diode RF Switches

Fremont CA – December 13, 2023 –At the 60th Annual AOC International Symposium & Convention, the leading global event for EW, EMS and Cyber-electromagnetic activities, US Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro said global conflicts have sparked a race to more rapidly develop and field EW capabilities, warning that it is imperative for the US to keep pace with its adversaries.

dB Control, a supplier of mission-critical (often sole-source) products worldwide to military organizations, major defense contractors, and commercial manufacturers, is doing its part to support these capabilities with new products representing advances in the fields of high-power products and coaxial switches. This year at AOC in Booth 1531, dB Control is exhibiting two new products: the dB-8015 GaN Solid State Power Amplifier Microwave Power Module (MPM) covering 2-18 GHz and providing 200 Watts CW (shown on left below) and the C30/C60 Series Multiposition Coaxial Switches from Charter Engineering delivering RF performance across DC to 40 GHz spectrum.

“Our customers want high-power amplifiers (HPAs) that support as much of the electromagnetic spectrum as possible. And they need that capability in a single device to meet their required SWaP. That’s why we developed the dB-8015 MPM, an HPA covering 2 to 18 GHz. Early next year we’ll also introduce a new TWTA, the dB-4051, covering 17.5 to 40 GHz at 50 Watts CW. With those two new products, dB Control will be the only manufacturer that can cover the full 2 to 40 GHz spectrum in a single device,” said dB Control Vice President of Sales and Marketing Michael Lee.

Lee added that dB Control can also cover the full 2-40 GHz spectrum using multiple devices with power levels from 35 watts to several hundreds of watts CW. In addition, the company can phase combine to offer even higher power outputs.

Rugged TWT Amplifiers for Critical Military Operations

High-power, helix and coupled cavity traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) from dB Control cover the 1 – 50 GHz frequency range and are available with continuous wave or pulsed power. Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, these TWTAs are suitable for shipboard and ground-based mobile systems, as well as unpressurized airborne environments. dB Control’s proprietary potting and encapsulation processes to provide extremely dense packaging without sacrificing reliability or performance. Since 1990, dB Control TWTAs have been fielded to support radar, EW, ECM and data link applications.

MPMs – The Best of Both Worlds

In many modern military applications, stringent requirements for size and weight must be met without sacrificing power or performance. dB Control’s high-efficiency, conduction-cooled MPMs provide extremely dense packaging across the 2–45.5 GHz frequency band. The MPMs are based on a modular design for easy customization and are available with continuous wave or pulsed power. Each MPM is a complete microwave amplifier that uses traveling wave tubes and solid state technologies, along with high-voltage and low-voltage power supplies, to provide the best of both worlds for military and commercial applications.

dBC+CEI = Single Source for EM and PIN Diode Switches

Procuring both EM and PIN diode switches for RF and microwave applications from a single source saves time and money. The  dBC+CEI online RF switches portal features thousands of coaxial EM switch variations from Charter Engineering, Inc., along with solid state PIN Diode switches from dB Control.  Electromechanical switches range from DC to 40 GHz and include connector options for SPDT, DPDT, and multi-position (SP3T-SP12T), as well as internally and externally terminated models. PIN diode switches include reflective or absorptive designs with options for SPST through SP24T, low loss, high isolation, fast switching speed and can be customized to meet the application’s key performance parameters. All switches are manufactured in the US.

About dB Control

Established in 1990, dB Control supplies mission-critical (often sole-source) products worldwide to military organizations, major defense contractors, and commercial manufacturers. The company designs and manufactures reliable high- and low-voltage power supplies, high-power TWT Amplifiers (TWTAs), microwave power modules (MPMs), transmitters for radar, electronic countermeasures (ECM) and communication applications on airborne, maritime, and ground-based military platforms. Since acquiring Paciwave in 2021 and TTT-Cubed in 2019, and Charter Engineering in 2021, dB Control also offers coaxial and pin diode RF switches, specialized RF/microwave components, integrated microwave subsystems, and custom radio frequency (RF) receivers and sources. dB Control also provides specialized contract manufacturing and repair depot services from its 40,000-square-foot facility in Fremont, California. The company is AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified. More information is available at www.dBControl.com or by calling 1-510-656-2325.


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