dB Control Introduces Indoor Rack-Mount Ka-Band TWT Amplifier with Color Touchscreen Interface at International Microwave Symposium in Booth 214

International Defense Electronics Manufacturer Also Exhibits Hubmount Ka-Band TWT Amplifier, MPM with Ethernet, High-Band MPM with Double Output Power for Electronic Warfare Applications

dB-3860-01Fremont, Calif. – May 23, 2016 – dB Control, an international defense electronics manufacturer, will exhibit two traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) and two microwave power modules (MPMs) in Booth 214 at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS), May 22-27 in San Francisco, California. Attendees will get a first look at the new dB-3860-01 indoor rack-mount Ka-band TWTA with color touchscreen interface. Compared to a multi-line display, the color touchscreen makes it easier to monitor and manage the amplifier because the need for external equipment is eliminated. Outside controllers, laptop computers and interconnect cabling are not necessary while using the dB-3860-01. Specifications for dB Control’s products on display are as follows:

  • dB-3860-01 indoor rack-mount Ka-band TWTA – 34.5 to 35.5 GHz, 700 Watts peak, 10% duty cycle. Color touchscreen interface. Applications: Radars, test/measurement, antenna pattern and radar cross-section measurements, EW simulation
  • dB-3840 outdoor hub-mount Ka-band TWTA – 34.5 to 35.5 GHz, 700 Watts pulsed, 10% duty cycle. Applications: radars, test/measurement, antenna pattern, radar cross-section measurements, EW simulation
  • dB-4127 high-band MPM – 6 to 18 GHz, 200 Watts pulsed/continuous wave, conduction cooled. Applications: electronic countermeasures (ECM), electronic warfare (EW) simulation, ground mobile, airborne platforms
  • dB-4150 smart MPM – 6 to 18 GHz, 100 Watts pulsed/continuous wave, conduction cooled, Ethernet interface, forward/reverse power monitor. Applications: ECM, EW simulation

“IMS is one of the most anticipated shows in the industry because of the groundbreaking products introduced here. Once again this year, attendees won’t be disappointed. The dB-3860-01 is incredibly user-friendly because it’s an all-in-one powerhouse that doesn’t require outside controllers or cables. We’ll also have an MPM providing double the output power of comparable models on the market and another with a built-in Ethernet communication interface,” said dB Control VP of Business Development Steve Walley.

The International Microwave Symposium will host more than 8,500 attendees from around the world. In addition to the exhibition, this six-day event offers 75 technical sessions, workshops and panel sessions for designers, researchers, developers and academics in the microwave/RF industry. dB Control can be found in Booth 214.



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