dBC Wins $11.1M in Defense Contracts

dB Control Wins $11.1 Million in Defense Contracts for High-Power TWT Amplifiers and Microwave Power Modules

Reliability Key Factor in Awarding Manufacturer Five Contracts to Supply Major Defense Contractors with Reliable TWT Amplifiers and MPMs for Shipboard, Airborne Radar Applications

Fremont, Calif. – dB Control, an established designer and manufacturer known in the industry for its reliable high-power microwave amplifiers, power supplies and radar transmitters, today announced that it has signed five contracts worth a combined total of $11.1 million for the production of high-power traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifiers and microwave power modules (MPMs).

The largest contract, worth $4 million from a major international defense contractor, is for high-power, low-phase noise TWT amplifiers for Air Force airborne transmitter applications. A second contract, worth $500,000, is from a second international defense contractor for the same defense customer and application. Another large contract of $3 million is from a major U.S. defense contractor to provide the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army with high-power TWT amplifiers and MPMs for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems for Unmanned Aeronautical Vehicles (UAV). A fourth contract worth $2 million is from another major U.S. defense contractor to provide high-power TWT amplifiers for multiple airborne applications, including helicopters and fighter jets. The fifth contract, worth $1.6 million, is from a major contractor for the U.S. Navy to provide high-power TWT amplifiers for shipboard defense systems, UAVs, and multiple airborne applications, including helicopters. All five contracts prohibit dB Control from naming the customer, product specifications or military installation.

“These significant production contracts demonstrate defense contractors’ confidence in dB Control’s TWT amplifiers and MPMs,” said Meppalli Shandas, vice president of marketing. “Each of these five contracts has potential for renewal over the next six to eight years. In addition, dB Control expects to see revenue increases by as much as 30 percent in 2007. This includes commercial revenue projections, which are also on the rise. We can attribute this growth to our products’ reliability and ability to operate in extremely harsh environments.”



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