MPMs for Advanced SAR Applications

dB Control Rolls out Family of High-Power MPMs for Advanced SAR Applications

Fremont, Calif. – dB Control, an established designer and manufacturer known for its reliable, high-power microwave amplifiers, power supplies and radar transmitters, today announced three additions to its family of Microwave Power Modules. The MPM Models dB-3746, dB-3803 and dB-4112 are designed for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems in both manned and unmanned platforms.

The dB-3746 pulsed MPM operates in the frequency range of 9 to 10 GHz and provides 1 kW peak power at six percent maximum duty cycle. This MPM offers very low phase noise, excellent amplitude and phase stability, and high efficiency. The dB-3746 is used primarily in high-performance radar applications, high-resolution SAR systems, and manned and unmanned platforms.

The dB-3803, a high power MPM, provides 300 watts of CW power with a provision for pulsed operation. It also operates in X or Ku-Band and is qualified for military airborne applications. A built-in air cooling version is available with increased height, as well as a wide frequency band. Ideal applications for the dB-3803 include manned and unmanned platforms, airborne communications systems, and electronic counter measures (ECM).

The dB-4112, a more compact version of the dB-3803, is a 6- to 18-GHz MPM that provides 100 watts CW X Power or Ku-Band power operating from 270 volts DC input. It provides pulse power from 100 to 200 watts. Military clients select the dB-4112 for manned and unmanned platforms, ECM, electronic warfare (EW) simulation, and multi-band communications links. All of dBControl’s MPMs use a periodic permanent magnet-focused, conduction-cooled mini traveling wave tube (TWT) for power amplification, and a solid state driver amplifier provides the required radio frequency (RF) gain.

Each unit operates with +28 volts DC prime power. “High-performance SAR systems require intense reliability and stability, and dB Control meets these needs through its MPM family,” said Meppalli Shandas, vice president of marketing, and a pioneer in MPM development. “We expect to introduce additional MPM products in the coming months, enabling military contractors to pick and choose among a wide array of MPMs to best meet the exacting requirements of defense agencies operating in harsh environments.”



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