Keep Military Pilots Safe with Towed Decoys

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illustration of towed decoyMilitary pilots must be able to operate aircraft in very harsh environments. Towed decoys are one way to help them do that. From behind the aircraft, these products are designed to mimic a target, hence the term “towed decoy.” This diverts incoming ballistics away from the actual aircraft, and potentially increases pilot survivability rates – even in very hostile conditions.

One integral part of the towed decoy system? Its power supply. As defense integrators continue to support pilot safety, they need these systems built reliably – whether they’re for demonstration or in actual combat.

In fact, a major defense integrator recently called on dB Control to design and manufacture a custom towed decoy power supply. The $1+ million contract is for a power supply used in towed decoy airborne demonstration and feasibility design. SWaP (size, weight and power) is of the utmost importance – especially 65,000+ ft. above sea level. With that in mind, dB Control engineers will adhere to stringent requirements to make sure the entire towed decoy system can perform reliably.

From start to finish, dB Control’s manufacturing process will incorporate a proprietary encapsulation process and custom packaging procedures. The power supplies will be designed, manufactured and tested at dB Control’s 40,000 sq. ft. facility in Fremont, CA. Need more info about similar products and/or capabilities? Email us today.


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