Ruggedized High-Power TWTAs

dB Control Introduces Two Ruggedized High-Power TWT Amplifiers for ECM, EW and Military Airborne Applications at AOC

Fremont, Calif. – Model dB-4314P (300W CW Output Power in Ku Band) and Model dB-4500-0610P (500W CW Output Power in 6-10 GHz Frequency Band) Designed For Reliable Operation in Harsh Environments, High Altitudes dB Control, designer and manufacturer of high-power microwave amplifiers and transmitters, is introducing two new high-power traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) for manned and unmanned airborne platforms, electronic warfare (EW) threat simulation and electronic counter measures (ECM) in Booth 320 at the 40th AOC International Symposium and Convention in Dayton, Ohio, September 21-24, 2003. Both new TWTAs have been field tested in military applications and meet MIL-E-5400T Equipment Standards.

The dB-4314P TWTA provides 300 Watts of continuous wave (CW) output power in the Ku Band. The amplifier supports broadband, high data rate digital communications systems with a wide one GHz bandwidth and provides superior RF performance, including a 800 picosecond group delay variation over 450 MHz, AM to PM conversion of six degrees per dB and a minimum 57 dB gain at rated power. Designed specifically for military manned and unmanned airborne applications where small size, light weight and high reliability are essential, the dB-4314P measures 14- by 10- by 12-inches WHD, weighs 80 pounds and operates at altitudes of up to 75,000 feet, in temperatures between -30 and +60 degrees Centigrade, and in 100 percent relative humidity.

The dB-4500-0610P TWTA provides 500 Watts of CW output power in the 6-10 GHz frequency range. The compact size (10- by 10- by 25-inches WHD) and light weight (80 pounds) of this amplifier enable it to be easily integrated into manned and unmanned airborne platforms. The dB-4500-0610P is designed to operate reliably in harsh environments with ambient temperatures from -54 to +70 degrees Centigrade and 100 percent relative humidity.

“High-resolution radar systems and high data rate digital communication systems require TWT amplifiers to provide high amplitude and phase stability,” said Meppalli Shandas, VP of marketing. “dB Control’s new TWT amplifiers meet those exacting performance requirements and operate reliably in harsh environments.”



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