dB Control Welcomes 35-Year Industry Veteran Robert Sterns as Quality Assurance Manager

Defense Electronics Manufacturer Continues Focus on Unmatched Reliability for High-Power TWTAs, MPMs, Power Supplies in Military, Commercial Applications with Rigid Specifications

Robert Sterns_4Fremont, Calif. – November 13, 2014 – dB Control, an international defense electronics manufacturer, has hired industry veteran Robert Sterns as quality assurance manager. In his new position, Sterns will ensure dB Control’s high-power TWTAs, MPMs and power supplies continue to meet rigid specifications for military and commercial applications. He will be responsible for upholding the company’s commitment to reliability, while implementing new procedures that consistently increase product quality and manufacturing effectiveness.

“Our certifications and track record of new developments show we’re committed to high-quality products that perform well in extremely harsh environments. Robert is maintaining this tradition of reliability by using his 35 years of experience to enhance our quality control process even further. Having spent years as dB Control’s quality assurance manager myself, I know Robert is the right person for the job,” said dB Control COO Gary Spaulding.

Prior to joining dB Control, Sterns was principal quality assurance engineer at Raytheon, where he specialized in quality functions for emerging programs, modified organizational policies, analyzed processes for lean manufacturing, cultivated supplier relationships and more. He was the lead quality engineer on several classified programs. Early in his career, Sterns also spent time at TRW Microwave as a mechanical inspector, department head and quality engineer. His technical certifications and achievements include:

  • Granted US Patent (owned by Raytheon) for a system securing Ball Grid Arrays to Printed Circuit Boards
  • Certified IPC-6120 Rev E Trainer (Renewal 5, 2005)
  • Raytheon Six Sigma Certified Expert (2000)
  • Certified MIL-STD-2000 Cat. H Process Examiner
  • Subject matter expert, Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing ANSI Y14.5
  • PWB Technology, both SMT and Thru Hole plus cross section examination
  • Micro Electronic Inspection per MIL-STD-883
  • Plating Technologies, requirements and inspection
  • Certified NASA Soldering Tech (1984)




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