dB Control Introduces New Ka-Band High-Power Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers, Exhibits Microwave Power Modules for Defense Applications at AOC in Washington, D.C.

On Display Oct. 6-9 in Booth 114: Six TWTAs / MPMs for Electronic Countermeasures, EW Simulation, RF Components Testing, SAR, Manned / Unmanned Airborne Platforms

Fremont, Calif. – October 2, 2014 – dB Control, an international defense electronics manufacturer, will exhibit six high-power products – three traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) and three microwave power modules (MPMs) – in Booth 114 at the 51st Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention, October 6-9 in Washington, D.C. Among the six products on display will be two new Ka-Band TWTAs: the dB-3860 and dB-3840. Product specifications include:


  • dB-3860 (new) – 700 Watts Peak, 34.5 to 35.5 GHz, Indoor Rack-mount Ka-Band. Applications: Radars, test/measurement, antenna pattern, radar cross-section measurements, EW simulation
  • dB-3840 (new) – 700 Watts Pulsed, 34.5 to 35.5 GHz, Outdoor Hub-mount Ka-Band. Applications: Radars, test/measurement, antenna pattern, radar cross-section measurements, electronic warfare (EW) simulation
  • dB-4410 – 300 Watts CW, 7.5 to 18 GHz. Applications: Electronic countermeasures (ECM) transmitters, EW simulation


  • dB-4127 – 200 Watts Pulsed/CW, 6 to 18 GHz, Conduction Cooled. Applications: ECM, EW simulation, ground mobile and airborne platforms
  • dB-3758 – 1000 Watts Pulsed, 9 to 10 GHz. Applications: Multi-mode radars, SAR, manned and unmanned platforms
  • dB-4118 – 75/100 Watts CW, 6 to 18 GHz. Conduction Cooled. Applications: ECM, EW simulation, radars, multi-band communication systems, Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests

“Mission-critical starts with stringency on the manufacturing floor so that our products consistently exceed the power, bandwidth, size and weight requirements of today’s most sophisticated military electronics systems. In fact, our TWTAs and MPMs are onboard some of the military’s most noteworthy airborne platforms, like the MQ-9 Reaper and RQ-4 Global Hawk. It’s our mission to continue this tradition of raising the bar without ever sacrificing performance,” said Vice President of Business Development Steve Walley.

Defense contractors and media interested in product information can download the suite of PDF datasheets at https://www.dbcontrol.com/aoc-2014-product-datasheet-downloads/.


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