Virtual Tour Now Open: Secure Defense Electronics Facility Offers Behind-the-Scenes Look at Manufacturing Processes for Classified Military Applications

dB Control Online Visuals Showcase 52,100 Square-Foot Facilities in Silicon Valley

Fremont, Calif. – June 18, 2014 – dB Control, a defense electronics manufacturer, debuted a virtual tour of its 52,100 square-foot Silicon Valley facilities available for viewing on its corporate website. The tour offers an inside look at the classified manufacturing and testing processes for electronic products in military ground-based, shipborne and high-altitude airborne manned and unmanned aircraft.

“Typically, you need security clearance to set foot in our facilities. But with this virtual tour, you’ll get a glimpse of what to expect from us as a veteran defense electronics manufacturer. Not only is it an interesting view into our facilities, it also covers the rigid manufacturing processes, advanced environmental testing equipment, highly skilled technicians and certifications that back up our promise of reliability. It’s a preview into the possibilities of what we can accomplish for OEMs and defense contractors,” said dB Control Vice President of Business Development Steve Walley.

In addition to holding several certifications that help ensure reliability, dB Control is ISO 9001:2008 certified and conducts first article inspection in accordance with AS 9102. The virtual tour is available to view at





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